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FREE day trip
for one to the
with any cosmetic or dental package

For treatment costs over $3000 and doctor approved - expires 31 May 2012.

Be amazed by our package costs!

MMC puts you in contact with some of the leading surgeons, plastic surgeons and dentists in India. With their years of practice, broad skill base, qualifications and proven track record, they are experienced in treating international patients and are able to minimise the surgical risks by working with the latest in medical technology and surgical techniques.

If you are planning to visit India for either business or pleasure, an MMC package, at a fraction of what you would pay in Australia, will provide you with savings that may well pay for your trip – now that’s something to smile about!

As part of our commitment to bring affordable healthcare to you MMC guarantees to reduce your treatment cost by up to at least 70% for overseas treatment in India or our services are FREE!

If you wish to have an overseas dental, medical or surgical treatment facilitated by MMC, we request that you send your enquiry with information such as digital OPG x-ray, medical reports or scans that can be assessed by the treating specialist for an informed opinion. 

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Cosmetic surgery at your tips in Australia! 

If you wish to have cosmetic surgery in Australia, we will provide you with access to some of the leading plastic surgeons in Australia. These surgeons wish to provide competitive prices for your treatment in Australia. 

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