MMC Network hospital

We only use India’s most talented dentists and the best facilities

Participating dental clinics in the MMC Network have some of the world's best equipped dental surgeries and most experienced dentists on staff, caring for international patients on a daily basis.

Insofar as it so often requires an artistic eye to determine the most appealing shade of white, the best tooth alignment or the most suitable size of a denture, dentists in the MMC Network practise an art form.

But our network dentists also take a scientific approach to the practice of dentistry where there may be a number of solutions to quite complex problems such as TMJ disorder/dysfunction.

The more experienced the dentist, the better the outcome.

For dentists in the MMC Network, the sheer volume of patients seen and the numerous dental procedures carried out mean that these dentists have an extremely wide skill base to draw from in any particular case.

It is the well honed skills of our Network dentists, coupled with the state of the art equipment, impeccable safety standards and efficient procedures of modern speciality dental clinics in the MMC Network that lead to a better dental experience for you as a patient.

Our most popular dental treatments

While there is a huge range of dental treatments that are practised in India, the most popular dental procedures requested by international patients include:

Implant dentistry

Full mouth rehabitiation

Crown, bridge and denture work

Root canal therapy

Cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, inlays and outlays

Periodontic work such as gingival surgery, scaling or curettage

Children’s dentistry

We guarantee to reduce costs by up to 70% on dental treatments compared to Australia

Having such a wide range of experience, the dentists who practise in the MMC Network have much to offer you as a patient.

Dental treatmentWhatever your problem, they will already have the solution, the staff, the facilities and the equipment.

It is such economies of scale in dentistry, coupled with the lower labour costs in India that result in more cost effective dental procedures and more savings to the international patient.

Contact MyMedicalChoices today to send your requirements and find out how you can become one of the many satisfied Australians who have already travelled to India for excellent dental treatment, experienced the beautiful, exotic country and saved money in the process!